'Flava-Jel' flavoured pie gelatine is made using a subtle blend of herbs and spices and will create truly great tasting pork pie jelly.


Use 'Flava-Jel' Pie Jelly to make fantastic pork pies with a traditional British taste.

Simply add Boiling water to create ready to use pork pie gelatine.





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Postage is completely free.

Orders placed before 12 pm on Monday to Friday will be despatched same day using a one to two-day delivery service.



A few FAQ:


How do I use it?

Simply add 42g of 'Flava-Jel' Pie Jelly pie gelatine to 570ml of boiling water to create 1pint of ready to use pie gelatine.


What sizes are available?

Flava-Jel is available in 5kg and 10kg buckets.


How much is it?

5kg bucket of 'Flava-Jel' Pie Jelly is priced at £49.99.

10kg bucket of 'Flava-Jel' Pie Jelly is priced at £79.99.


How long will it take to arrive?

In most cases, orders before 12 pm on a weekday will be sent out for a one to two-day delivery service.


Does 'Flava-Jel' Pie Jelly contain allergens?

No, Flava-Jel contains no allergens so of course, it's Gluten-Free!


How long will a bucket of Flava-Jel last?

'Flava-Jel' Pie Jelly, if kept in a cool, dry place will have a best before date of approximately two years.



For more information, call our office on 01262 228286 or email us at info@flavajel.com.




Give your homemade Pork Pies that professional touch!





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